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Our clients are goal-driven and purpose-driven visionaries

Many small businesses like yours have untapped potential, but if you are on this page perhaps you have reached a full stop or need help propelling the company to the next stage of its evolution. Kumaux catapults companies on their journey from good to great and from great to notable.

Our process begins with a full diagnostics of your business. We identify what is already working well in your organization and where attention is needed. So, together, let’s transform your organization from the inside out.

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Let's analyze the numbers and the data

To give you a fresh take, we look at the numbers first. Kumaux will grow your business starting from the numbers: those you already have and those we will create together. Each choice will be made by carefully evaluating the best strategy together, according to the most innovative strategic marketing techniques.

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Each goal must be precisely defined and achieved without losing sight of the details. Every detail has value for kumaux and every detail becomes part of the game to be played. Our first need is to listen and understand your needs: from these needs starts the growth path to be created together, also thanks to technology.

Speed - Optimization - Efficiency

Personalized planning according to needs

Kumaux structures with you the most efficient path to lead you to reach your targets effectively. Why do we do it? Because we know that creating value for our customers means creating development opportunities for us too. Knowing how to optimize the growth process through the correct dynamics is fundamental.

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Let's build your future success together, evaluating the best strategies and innovations.

"Rome wasn't built in a day".

To tell you who we are we have to start from the beginning, explaining what the word Kumaux means. It is a neologism, a compound word that contains three different components. Kuma means bear in Japanese. The figure of the bear is associated with courage and kindness and in heraldry indicates “the brave and proud warrior“. UX stands for user experience in computer science, while AUX comes from the Latin abbreviation for auxilium, meaning help and support.

We are a marketing consultancy team, specialized in providing support in the creation of a strategic marketing plan and in the realization of its operations.

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