Strategy and Planning

Innovative Marketing Solutions

To best support our clients, our brand strategists work with them to create strategies to increase their lead generation, establish a solid online presence, create a development plan, interact with their consumers and master competitive advantage.


Temporary management

All the advantages of a consultancy

The choice of relying on a temporary marketing manager allows the internal team to be flanked by a specialized figure, able to tackle the development strategy and marketing planning according to the deadlines set for the consultancy intervention.


Fractional management

The smart formula for SMEs

Small and medium-sized businesses that do not have an internal marketing department can finally tackle their marketing planning, employing a Marketing Manager who can develop the strategy at a fraction of the cost. A flexible and advantageous solution.


Product launch

From idea to the market

Too many good products that had to “sell themselves” do not pass the market launch, because there is a lack of marketing and sales analysis and planning. The support starting from the first stages of conception allows a greater awareness and correctness of the data and sales forecasts of the new product.


Social Media

Succeed in a digital world

We bring you our social media marketing experience, as we work with the company to develop a genuine online presence that achieves success, followers, likes and shares, both organically and through ad campaign development, to drive traffic , stimulate new customers and increase the number of orders for your online shop.